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After six years of searching, my wife and I found a wonderful piece of land to build a custom home. We found an outstanding architect to translate our needs, wants and desires into the perfect plan for what we hoped would be a great home to entertain our family and friends.

Next, we needed a builder to translate the perfect plan into the perfect home. Having previously built four custom homes, we had experienced the good, bad and ugly of custom building, so we went into this project with our eyes wide open. We interviewed a variety of builders and toured numerous homes to judge finished product firsthand. After an arduous process, we chose Cataldo Custom Builders.

Ralph and his dedicated team have a combined 100+ years of custom home building. They have done projects of all sizes, qualities and complexities They have experience with most aspects of building and have dealt with every type of issue imaginable.

We hired Ralph to build our home and the project is now complete. We worked VERY closely with The Cataldo Team over 18 months…. what did we learn?

1) BUDGET is not just a word when you work with Ralph. He is 100% committed to delivering a very high quality project at or below budget.

2) SPEED is not usually a word associated with building a custom home. Ralph has a deep bullpen of subs who have worked with him for decades. Ralph is able to get all the subs to work together in harmony, often times on the job at the same time. This allows him to move very quickly without sacrificing quality.

3) Quality – There is an old saying in the building trades…. Budget, Speed or Quality…. pick two. It is unheard of to build fast, on a budget and deliver quality, but that is exactly what Ralph did for us.

4) Transparency – Before any work began on our home, Ralph gave me a complete budget for the project. The budget was updated EVERY two weeks during the course of construction to show changes we made that effected cost. As a past CEO, I really appreciated this kind of transparency and detail. The last thing I wanted was a big surprise bill at the end of the project.

5) SUBS – At the end of the day, it is the subs that actually make or break the project. Ralph has a deep bench of subs, many that have worked with him for 25 years. These subs WANT to work on Cataldo projects because they know they are paid EVERY week and treated respectfully as professionals. They in turn do their best work, because they want to work on the next Cataldo project. Ralph was meticulous in choosing the right subs to work on our project.

We could go on and on, and tell you how Ralph and his team became our trusted friends and advisors……we were ALMOST sad to complete the project…We have to admit to having a bit of Cataldo withdrawal.

If you have any questions about working with Cataldo, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.

I know you might think this reference is too good to be true……who actually likes their builder after completing a custom home and all the decisions that go with it? WE DO!!!!

Gordon & Jody Hoffstein
January 2020

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