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Wild Harbor

“Congratulations and thank you for all your efforts in building a beautiful new waterfront home for our family. Your team’s commitment to high quality and cost-effective solutions has been exceptional, and your professionalism, responsiveness, and customer focus has provided us with numerous examples to illustrate why we are so grateful to have built our home with you.
From our initial builder interviews with our architect, Cataldo was the only builder to describe what was feasible and not feasible to achieve. Your honesty and integrity was clear before we started the project and has been exemplary throughout.
During the project planning stage, your team initiated efforts to ensure permits were issued quickly and by charting the schedule through summer, you took great care to ensure construction activities would not interfere with our neighbors, while your team worked diligently to minimize community issues and to build fantastic relationships.
From timelines to budgets to change orders, your team prided itself on transparency and excellent communications that enabled us to execute plans without surprises. Budgets were well annotated, value engineered, and costs were managed very carefully.
Monthly project meetings (which I flew in for one day each month) were extremely productive as you coordinated the team and subcontractors for on-site walk-throughs enabling important decisions to be made and plans to be implemented in real-time.
Impressively, when changes were proposed or problems identified, you consistently took the initiative to find feasible, cost-effective, practical solutions that satisfied the architects, designers, sub-contractors and us, and typically solved issues very quickly.
When the project ran into unforeseeable challenges, your team and subcontractors remained fully committed to working with us to reach the best outcomes possible.
Your post-construction commitment to client satisfaction has been the most impressive of all. As I recall in our initial meeting when we asked about “warranty service”, Ralph said, “Trust me, I’m not going anywhere. If there is a problem, I will be there for you”. True to your word, you and your team have been there to support us throughout. As any issues arose, your team has been there to address it and take pride in its resolution.
Specifically, I want to recognize Ken for all of his effort, skill and care to make our project successful, and Julie for all of her management contributions to our project. Julie’s professionalism, technical expertise, commitment to quality outcomes, and talent in identifying resources and driving us to best solutions is truly inspiring. Her positive attitude and genuine commitment to your clients’ success is amazing!
Of course, Ralph’s leadership, commitment to excellence, skilled management of trusted relations with partners/trades and his personal integrity are keys to Cataldo’s success. Ralph builds his homes with his personal commitment – and it shows!
Over the past 25 years, I have had the privilege of working and investing with a broad range of entrepreneurs, and I appreciate how difficult it is to build great companies and teams. I believe Cataldo Builders represents the classic model for success – you have built an excellent team and culture dedicated to customer satisfaction, you’re passionate and experienced in delivering high quality products, and you work closely with trusted partners who are committed to you and your client’s success. You always do the “right thing” for your clients, partners and for the community. You’re also intelligent and resourceful, manage risks appropriately, and earn your reputation for excellence by doing exactly what you say you will do, and doing it so well!
Thank you for all that you have done for us – we are truly grateful and appreciative! We are delighted to continue to serve as a great reference for you and your team, as we look forward to many wonderful years in our new home enjoying the beautiful summers on the Cape.


Nye’s Neck Oceanfront

“Having been involved in the Real Estate industry for 50 years, I can attest to the dedication and organization of Ralph Cataldo, his staff and crew in delivering a first class product on time and within budget.
As testimony to the quality of workmanship, one of our neighbors after seeing the completion of our home in Nye’s Neck, (who had been planning a renovation of their home), said that they would have to tear down the place and start all over!
I’ve recommended Ralph and his company many times and am happy to answer any inquiries from any interested party.”


Chapoquoit Island Oceanfront

“Cataldo Custom Builders, Inc. is the best. They built us a beautiful home and delivered it on time (actually ahead of time) and on budget. They were honest, direct and friendly. They always did what they said they would do. We found we could count on them. Best of all, after our new home was complete and all the bills paid, they didn’t go away. When something broke – and it always does with any new home – they came immediately. If it was their fault, they took responsibility. Even today, four years later, they service our home with the same efficiency and friendliness that we appreciate and have come to count on. As I said, they are the best!”


Scraggy Neck Waterfront

“I cannot speak highly enough about Cataldo Builders. Ralph and his team are professional, easy to work with, and they do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. There is no waiting around for them. They answer phone calls quickly no matter when you call and even after the job is done. As Ralph once said to me, ‘You are always part of the Cataldo family’, and that is how I feel. They are simply the best. If you want a quality builder, look no further. Highly recommend.”

Roger & Andrea

Menauhant Waterfront

“I wanted to take a minute and share some of our reflections on the project you and your team recently completed for us.
First, to complete the project, a 2200 square foot addition and the complete renovation of the original 2800 square foot house, in just over 150 days over the winter no less, was a remarkable accomplishment; it demonstrated an extremely organized, carefully executed and meticulously thought out and coordinated plan. Your ability to orchestrate the work of so many different trades simultaneously distinguishes you as a real master home builder. Thank you.
Second, the quality of the workmanship, the true craftsmanship demonstrated in what was a complex and difficult architectural project – the custom millwork and paneling, the flying staircase, the roofline and roof deck, and the amazing installation of the multiple steel beam system used to stabilize the existing house has led to a home of genuine beauty and character. The house is all we could have hoped for as we set about this project. It is a gift each day to be in the house and to have this house be our home. Thank you.
Third, the transparency of the financial aspects of the project simplified a very complicated process. The presentation and detail of each invoice, the nuanced detail and accompanying notes allowed us to be secure and knowledgeable about every aspect of the project, and the support of your administrative team made us comfortable about how and why our money was being invested. Thank you.
Lastly, Ralph, your personal availability to us at all times during the project insured our comfort and contentment through the entire process; your knowledge, expertise and guidance had a huge impact on the tremendous success of the project. We are very, very grateful. Thank you.
Warmest personal regards,”


Menauhant Seaside Retreat

Having completed several renovations in the past I approached the selection of our contractor with the belief that I was familiar with the ups and downs that accompanied the partnership. Ralph Cataldo and his team exceeded my expectations on every level. There were the numerous challenges: an ambitious time frame that was pushed to aggressive when council approvals were delayed (the result of council vagaries, not the fault of builder or architect), the fact that we live in Hong Kong and I could only make a few visits back, and finally dealing with budget and project management with a 12-13 hour time difference and far away client.
The Cataldo team delivered the project on time, I was kept completely informed of the building progress through regular pictorial updates, and any budget variances were well documented and discussed ahead of time with options presented. Neighborhood issues were kept to a minimum with the team’s focus on keeping a clean site and sensitivity to any surrounding impact. Given we were managing from afar, the architect/builder relationship needed to be a smooth one and in this respect I believe both Hutker Architects and Cataldo Builders were pleased with the relationship that developed– again making it an easy process for us to manage.
The professionalism and responsiveness of the group has been impressive. They take pride, as they should, in a job well done and want a client to be happy with their new home. In summary, I can’t recommend Cataldo Builders any higher and would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have in regards to our experience.

Jayunti & Alison

The Lanes Mashpee Commons

“Ralph Cataldo is the no plus ultra of custom home builders; there is not one like him. Do yourself a big favor and arrange to meet him and tell him about your building plans. Tell him about your budget and your vision and your schedule. Observe his 19th Century manners and his 21st Century technological sensibilities. Talk to people like me who have allied themselves with him in order to execute our dreams. Regard other great projects that he has rendered and talk to those who have dealt with him. Ask people from Brookline, Osterville, Quissett, Chappaquoit and Penzance Point about Cataldo Custom Builders.
If you set high standards of quality and performance; if you insist on attention to detail, passion for excellence; regard for your pocketbook and total sensitivity to your wishes then run your dream by Ralph.
Since 1989, Ralph Cataldo has built two homes for me and has renovated three of my restaurants. With each project Ralph brought them in on time and well within budget considerations; moreover, the finished products were perfect in every respect. Additionally, Blessings of Blessings, I had fun!
Subcontractors are chosen not only for their skill but also for their manners. For each of these artisans Ralph Cataldo has set the bar high and this established height commands exquisite standards.
Goethe once said, “Character is Destiny” and it is the character of Ralph Cataldo that is the real foundation of one’s home. It is groomed by his integrity and finished by his honor. If the first three rules of real estate are location, location, location; then the corresponding rules of building a home are contractor, contractor, contractor.
Call me about this testimony. I won’t be able to wait to return your call, telling you about my good experiences with Ralph Cataldo and Cataldo Custom Builders.”


Sunset Point Nye’s Neck

“Reviews for the project are coming in and they are outstanding! Wow! Amazing! Beautiful! I know where I am spending my days and nights from now on! 5 Stars!!! And trust me when I say, these critics are brutally honest!
All the time and effort that went into in the project is now on permanent display, place looks great and we are already immensely enjoying it. It has expanded our living and social space highlights our spectacular location on Buzzard Bay. Now that it is done it feels like it has been here for years. It looks sharp, crisp, and blends in seamlessly and naturally with the surrounding land and seascapes. Guest and family members are effusive about the details and workmanship, subtle but abundantly apparent to all.
Most importantly, it has been a pleasure working with each of you and the people in your organizations. All have been courteous, respectful, professional, responsive and pleasant. Even when presented with harsh conditions, unpredictable vendors and tough deadlines.
Thank you all for a job well done.”

Paul & Gail

Oceanfront On Buzzard’s Bay

“We used Cataldo for a new construction home in Falmouth. Ralph and team were a key part of our design process with our architect and interior designer. We had quite a few meetings before construction started and we truly had a “dream team” execute our project. Julie and Peter worked with us as we ordered materials and built our home. Despite the epic winter of 2015, our home was built within a reasonable time and with very high quality standard. We love our new home! It is a dream destination for our family! Just what we had hoped for. Once the project was done, we used Cataldo to maintain our home. Maribeth has coordinated everything for us and we are very happy with continuing the service. When we have a problem of any kind, we can call Cataldo and they respond very quickly. We recommend Ralph and the team without hesitation.”

Rick & Joanne

Black Beach Buzzard’s Bay

“Astrid and I would like to take a moment and thank you and your team for helping us achieve our goal of spending this past summer in our new home in West Falmouth.
When we started this project we had already been through so much with the town Conservation Commission that by the time we were ready for construction, we had significant doubts about whether the house would be ready for the summer season. But when we selected Cataldo Customer Builders, Inc. for the project, you promised us we would be in the house in time and you delivered on that promise. You truly live up to your slogan of “on time, every time”.
We were amazing by your ability to organize and manage such a complex project starting with assigning Ken as the project superintendant, placing a detailed and aggressive schedule in place and motivating the talented subcontractors throughout the process. You set the pace of the project exactly where it needed to be in order for the house to be completed on time and did whatever it took to compensate for the snow storms and other inclement weather you faced.
Astrid and I have been through the construction process a few times before with other builders and we both agre that our experience working with Cataldo Custom Builders was unlike any other. The attention and care we received from Julie with her detailed review and coordination of our selections provided an added comfort level throughout the process. The transparent and timely reporting and invoicing gave us the ability to control the project financially. We knew how our money was being spent every step of the way.
We could not be happier with everything you did for us Ralph. you made our dream a reality. you made it possible for our children to spend the summer with their grandparents –  a feat we now know ONLY Cataldo Custom Builders, Inc. could accomplish. THANK  YOU.”

Matthew & Astrid

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