Eel Pond Waterfront

Project Description

Customer Testimonial

We have built two homes with Cataldo Builders and absolutely love them!   I was referred to Ralph over 15 years ago by a friend who had used Cataldo Builders for their home and were delighted with the results.  Ralph and his team were amazing to work with-highly professional, extremely well organized, and very helpful with all the decisions.  We owned the home for 14 years and the true testament was the quality of the work-the house was flawless throughout the years and when we went to sell it the best testament came from the seller’s inspector who once he found out that it was a Cataldo home just smiled and said “they don’t get any better”!  We built a second home and had the same experience- now Rob was partnered with Ralph and the same level of quality, responsiveness, and project management continued without missing a beat.  Rob, Ralph, Maribeth, Cassidy-they are a joy to work with and the level of customer responsiveness and support makes the entire experience a joy and they all remain good friends!  The Cataldo team is simply the finest builders we have ever worked with and remain the gold standard for the industry.

Joe & Jeanne