Wild Harbor

Project Description

Hutker Architects designed this beautiful home that absolutely maximized the use of this small site while providing some of the best views on Cape Cod. Tall ceilings, custom windows and doors, custom cabinets and woodwork are included in this magnificent home. Very unique spaces were created to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Buzzards Bay every night!

Customer Testimonial

“Congratulations and thank you for all your efforts in building a beautiful new waterfront home for our family. Your team’s commitment to high quality and cost-effective solutions has been exceptional, and your professionalism, responsiveness, and customer focus has provided us with numerous examples to illustrate why we are so grateful to have built our home with you.
From our initial builder interviews with our architect, Cataldo was the only builder to describe what was feasible and not feasible to achieve. Your honesty and integrity was clear before we started the project and has been exemplary throughout.
During the project planning stage, your team initiated efforts to ensure permits were issued quickly and by charting the schedule through summer, you took great care to ensure construction activities would not interfere with our neighbors, while your team worked diligently to minimize community issues and to build fantastic relationships.
From timelines to budgets to change orders, your team prided itself on transparency and excellent communications that enabled us to execute plans without surprises. Budgets were well annotated, value engineered, and costs were managed very carefully.
Monthly project meetings (which I flew in for one day each month) were extremely productive as you coordinated the team and subcontractors for on-site walk-throughs enabling important decisions to be made and plans to be implemented in real-time.
Impressively, when changes were proposed or problems identified, you consistently took the initiative to find feasible, cost-effective, practical solutions that satisfied the architects, designers, sub-contractors and us, and typically solved issues very quickly.
When the project ran into unforeseeable challenges, your team and subcontractors remained fully committed to working with us to reach the best outcomes possible.
Your post-construction commitment to client satisfaction has been the most impressive of all. As I recall in our initial meeting when we asked about “warranty service”, Ralph said, “Trust me, I’m not going anywhere. If there is a problem, I will be there for you”. True to your word, you and your team have been there to support us throughout. As any issues arose, your team has been there to address it and take pride in its resolution.
Specifically, I want to recognize Ken for all of his effort, skill and care to make our project successful, and Julie for all of her management contributions to our project. Julie’s professionalism, technical expertise, commitment to quality outcomes, and talent in identifying resources and driving us to best solutions is truly inspiring. Her positive attitude and genuine commitment to your clients’ success is amazing!
Of course, Ralph’s leadership, commitment to excellence, skilled management of trusted relations with partners/trades and his personal integrity are keys to Cataldo’s success. Ralph builds his homes with his personal commitment – and it shows!
Over the past 25 years, I have had the privilege of working and investing with a broad range of entrepreneurs, and I appreciate how difficult it is to build great companies and teams. I believe Cataldo Builders represents the classic model for success – you have built an excellent team and culture dedicated to customer satisfaction, you’re passionate and experienced in delivering high quality products, and you work closely with trusted partners who are committed to you and your client’s success. You always do the “right thing” for your clients, partners and for the community. You’re also intelligent and resourceful, manage risks appropriately, and earn your reputation for excellence by doing exactly what you say you will do, and doing it so well!
Thank you for all that you have done for us – we are truly grateful and appreciative! We are delighted to continue to serve as a great reference for you and your team, as we look forward to many wonderful years in our new home enjoying the beautiful summers on the Cape.